Welcome to FairBuilding Network new NGO partners and Industry Partner! 

For the first quarter of the year, we welcome our three (3) new FairBuilding Network partners! — Journey Eagle Hardware, Project Pearls, and Integrated Rural Development Foundation. Similar with FairBuilding Network, they believe in the vision of a fairer future for every Filipino family. Through this partnership, our partners can help one another through a more sustainable and socially conscious approach.  

 Get to know our New Social Building Partners! 

  • Project Pearls mission is to help the poorest of the poorest children and families in the country to have better life through education, literacy, empowerment, healthcare and education. Having the first 4 SDGs as their anchor (No Poverty, Zero Hunger, Good Health and Wellbeing, and Quality Education), Project Pearls and their programs always contribute to make a positive change in the lives of the Filipino people in urban areas.  
  • Integrated Rural Development Foundation (IRDF) is a national NGO established in 1989 that implements development programs for the vulnerable sectors of small farmers, fisherfolks, indigenous peoples, women, and youth. They help rural sectors have access to community infrastructure, safer housing and settlement, and climate change adaptation. They empower rural communities by engaging them with different processing and value-adding activities that can help people’s income.  

Get to know our Industry Partner! 

  • Journey Eagle Hardware is located in Cabanatuan City and has been a supplier of various construction materials in the provincial area. Now they are committed to help our NGO partners in Cabanatuan by offering discounted construction materials.  

With our new NGO partners advocating for the empowerment of vulnerable and marginalized communities, construction projects play a big part in nation-building. Like Journey Eagle Hardware, industry partners should look out for our ongoing/upcoming construction projects here in FBN where you can sell or donate your products and services while being part of social action.  



Interested to sell your products and services to NGO projects? E-mail us at [email protected] so we can build a fair future, one project at a time.  



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