We are excited to have JRAC Paint Center and Construction Supply to onboard FairBuilding Network for the month of June. As one of our newest industry partners, we aim to have a long-term business relationship with JRAC by providing them with leads from our Social Building Partners and their upcoming and ongoing development projects.  

Aside from paints they also have a wide variety of construction materials, JRAC provides trusted and quality brands with good price deals for their customers. They cater to different projects, from high-rise developments like bridges, roads, buildings to low-rise and residential projects. Being part of FairBuilding Network, we aim to link JRAC to our NGO partners and their active projects, by referring them to this one-stop shop that supplies construction materials nationwide.  

Check out JRAC Paint Center and Construction Supply’s official Facebook page to know more about their products and services: www.facebook.com/JRACPaintCenter. 


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