United Architects of the Philippines – Emergency Architects, is a network of competent architectural professionals and affiliate students that provide appropriate technical support and assistance to communities in preparing for, responding to, and recovering from disasters.

As the threat of COVID-19 in the country is ongoing, the UAP-Emergency Architects pioneered one of the flagship projects that can help in providing health care during this crisis. Derived from the Temporary Covered Court Partitions deployed in 2 fires in Malabon (LGU and ACCORD, 2018), this is a system of organizing large covered spaces like basketball or tennis courts into allocated cubicles for PUIs and mild COVID 19 cases (DOH 2020-002) with support spaces.

Cubicles shall be of a 3-meter x 3-meter dimension with 2.3 meter high partitions, open ceiling, using the covered court roof as protection. The construction comprises assembling common hardware store materials mainly the 1 1/2” diameter PVC pipes for posts, 0.12 mm thick polyethylene plastic for wall panels with pipe clamps, and texscrews for fastening and duct tapes for fixing and sealing plastic panel joints. Cubicles shall each be provided with curtained commode spaces, proper disposal of waste can be managed with a properly protected attendant and
provision of disposal tanks outside. Central washbasin spaces shall be provided for patients and a separate provision for the medical staff. A code blue room with proper equipment is prescribed by doctors.
The cost of the basic installation is at P350,000.00 excluding medical equipment and considering LGU equity for provision of plumbing connections, furniture, portalet, and wash fixtures. The whole site work can be completed in 2 days.