Welcome to FairBuilding Network, Ca-Rio! Ca-Rio is a newly founded NGO that focuses on identifying communities lacking essential services and fundamental health care and mobilizing resources to provide them with the necessary support to achieve overall well-being. 

The organization was formed by young people from the University of Sto. Tomas and is headed by Margie Muella – Project Manager of Project Sanidad. They aim for Ca-Rio to be dedicated to the belief that every individual in the Philippines deserves access to a fulfilling and healthy life. Onboarded FairBuilding early this month, Ca-Rio presented Project Sanidad which is constructing a health center facility in Sitio Olpoy, Iba, Zambales.  

The project is to foster sustainable growth, resilience, and empowerment of the residents of Sitio Olpoy by addressing their primary need for a healthcare center. The construction aims to be completed as early as May 2024. Through this, Project Sanidad seeks to establish a healthcare facility in Sitio Olpoy for the residents to have easy access to healthcare, preventive measures, and ensuring access to sexual and reproductive services.  

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