Through our platform, Social Building Partners can now have access to discounted surveying and geodetic services from our newest FBN partners. GG Surveying Services, a company based in Rodriguez, Rizal is eager to give geotechnical and surveying assistance to FBN social housing developers and communities that will be needing their services at a discounted rate. Their services vary from subdivision surveying, relocation surveying, topographic surveying, consolidation surveying, titling, and consultation among many others. 


Another geodetic service provider onboarded FairBuilding Network believing in the need to provide inclusivity within communities for the assistance they are needing. Engr. Annalyn Pulvinar has become one of FBN’s service providers in the construction field. A geodetic engineer for years now, Engr. Annalyn is willing to share her geodetic expertise with organizations and the communities they are supporting that are needing surveying works. 


With the addition of new Industry Partners, FairBuilding Network is also delighted to welcome The Ruth Sembrano Foundation as one of our newest Social Building Partners. The organization has the mission of increasing Filipino access to quality health care and education in impoverished communities in the country. Through community engagements and evidence-based solutions, TRSF aims to serve communities and build infrastructures, such as schools and hospitals, for grassroots-level communities starting in Cebu to different parts of the country.  


Through its education program, TRSF provides the following works in different communities: 

  • Improving Schools through infrastructure projects 
  • Providing learning resources and materials 
  • Scholarships 

In addition, their healthcare program ensures accessible healthcare programs through the ff: 

  • Improving hospitals and healthcare facilities 
  • Provide free medical training to target beneficiaries.  



As of today, they have an ongoing school rehabilitation project in the area of Dalaguete, Cebu requiring mainly roofing and fiber cement boards. Want to be involved in this project? Drop us a message at [email protected] and let’s talk about how we can make a difference one project at a time.  


Are you a Social Building Partner? Or an Industry Partner? Be involved! Email us at [email protected]. 


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