Upskills has grounded their work in helping children and families to thrive and prosper by making sustainable changes and support. As the communities in the barangays of Tondo close to the infamous Smokey Mountain Dump Site, they believe in working closer with them in making shift with their lives. With the extreme need of basic necessities such as lack of running water, sanitation, stable electrical supply, poor shelters, and employment, Upskills implement poverty reduction programs and reduce, reuse and recycle approach in all their programs to a more long-lasting and sustainable solution.  

Their responses include: 

  • Livelihood Programs  
  • With high rate of unemployment in these current times, families needing help with earning an income has become more relevant. Upskills provide livelihood programs to meet the growing economic and livelihood needs of the communities their serve. 
  • Education, Vocational and College Scholarships 
  • With education as a basic human right for all, it also plays a vital role in breaking poverty. Upskills helps Filipino children to be part of a school system to help them gain the knowledge and support they need for their future. 
  • Welfare 
  • The welfare of every Filipino family is a challenge during this time of pandemic having no means to work nor earn money. Upskills provides support in the basic necessities such as food, health and shelter to the families they assist these serve as the foundation to strengthen one community.  

Learn more about their advocacy and programs in their official website, and other social media platforms: 

Facebook page, 

Instagram: @upskillsfoundationofficial 

It is not just any ordinary home; it serves as a shelter and haven for pediatric cancer patients from various provinces in the country who are undergoing treatments at the Philippine General Hospital and other hospitals in the urban Manila. With outgoing patients who undergo chemotherapy and other medical treatments, most of these kids and their parents spend nights on side streets of the hospitals since they cannot be accommodated. Established in 2014 by Ms. Marietta Bonilla, they aim to provide decent shelter and accommodation for cancer-stricken kids and their parents.  

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We are happy to include Upskills and Bahay Aruga to the growing family of FairBuilding Network as we continue to envision building a fair future to every Filipino families one project, at a time.  


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