Megawide is one of the country’s most progressive infrastructure conglomerates with a decisive portfolio in Engineering, Procurement, and construction (EPC), Airport Infrastructure, Progressive Property Development, and Renewable Energy.

Its revolutionary construction and engineering solutions continue to shape the industry by integrating its comprehensive EPC capabilities with innovative construction support technologies such as precast, formwork systems, and concrete batching.



Megawide Foundation donated all their non-moving materials to FairBuilding social building partners which amounted to a total of  ₱6,372,990.60. These items are used in various construction projects which include housing, schools, healthcare facilities, and multipurpose buildings, among others.

One of the beneficiaries of Megawide Foundation is the Foundation for Professional Training, Inc. which constructed a seven-story building that can increase the number of students from the present 140 to 500 students.

With this new building, Punlaan hopes to give wings to at least 500 dreams of greater empowerment, poverty alleviation, and of building the Philippine society.



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