A Filipino-owned company manufacturing world-class light gauge steel profiles for drywall partitions and suspended ceiling assemblies, t-runners, hat-type and c-purlins, corner-beads & door jambs framings. JEA Steel produces premium quality products that are attune to the needs of the consumers as its continuously supports the global movement to preserve our environment by manufacturing environment-friendly products.

JEA Steel Industries was officially born on July 27, 1994, marking their 28 years in the construction industry. Through JEA STEEL SLITTING SERVICES, they can now accept slitting of coils to different widths for clients who manufacture automotive bodies, appliances, water tanks, long-span metal roofing and decking materials, metal framings, etc. The cost-effective advantages of producing lightweight, termite proof and environment-friendly products make JEA Steel Industries, Inc. stands out and makes them naturally at its best.



JEA Steel Industries, Inc. donated 3,000 pcs of steel doors with a market value of 15 Million Pesos which benefited 11 different non-profit organizations and up to 1,500 families.


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