Fairbuilding Network, the corporate social action arm of BCI Media Group established in 2014. It acts as a catalyst that makes construction more affordable for the poor. Fairbuilding brings together nonprofit organizations and members of the construction industry that are willing to push their social agenda by contributing products and services below their normal retail terms.

Since 2015, the organization has led to a tangible, positive impact for the poor benefitting from the projects that were completed either faster or less expensive. This month of May 2020, despite the threats of COVID-19, Fairbuilding was still able to foster the following transactions between our construction industry and social developer partners whose projects are Emergency Quarantine Facilities for COVID-19 patients.

Furthermore, Fairbuilding was still able to add new social developer partners such as Good Neighbors International Philippines, a nonprofit humanitarian organization that plans, implements, and raises funds for the provision of services in advocacy, child sponsorship, disaster management, education, health, partnerships, network building, income generation, and water sanitation. Another new addition to our network is Project Smile Philippines, a youth-led non-profit whose main advocacy is to provide happiness through acts of kindness to neglected and underprivileged Filipinos.


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