The annual general assembly of Fairbuilding Partners was held last July 5th, 2019 in Makati City. Attended by 48 representatives from different organization and companies, this year’s assembly looked into discussing how Fairbuilding can help its partner NGOs and suppliers beyond how FBN has helped them before.

Through the event, all the attendees were able to build a relationship with one another by introducing and discussing their advocacies whether similar or different from one to another which opens up new opportunities for collaboration. Ongoing and future construction projects are one of the main topics discusses, some organizations had the chance to talk directly to suppliers.

During the program, Fairbuilding was also able to lay down its achievements for the past financial year, from helping 28 NGOs successfully get discounts and donations from FBN partner suppliers and service providers that have accumulated to a total of 15,664,243 pesos worth of savings and donations.

All the attendees were also given the chance to briefly introduce their organizations and companies and invited each other to collaborate on new concepts and projects. Habitat for Humanity International was also able to present their agenda about the upcoming Asia-Pacific Housing Forum on July 29-31 at New World Hotel, Makati City.

In conclusion, the general assembly’s success was measured not by the number of achievements of Fairbuilding and its partners but by the relationships that have been built during the event which will be the foundation of future collaborations.


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