Another speaker invited to Fairbuilding’s webinar is, Mr. Mark Bueta, the Product Manager of BCI Asia’s Archify. This part of the program focused on how technology has made products and services more available to consumers, such as platforms like Archify as an online one-stop shop for the construction industry.
On his talk, Mr. Bueta reiterated how important it is to embrace the new norm of going digital right now.  In his presentation, some of the factors he explained is that online business-to-business (B2B) sales are growing and that 42% of B2B companies report higher order values from online shoppers. Another reason to go digital now is that mobile devices drive or influence more that 40% of business revenue and 68% of B2B customers want to do their research online.
With this factors, Archify is a promising platform for design professionals and product suppliers in the construction industry. Fairbuilding Network will also utilize this platform as it is set to create its profile on the Archify website to fully feature its non-for-profit construction projects.
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