Terwilliger Center became an official partner NGO of the Fairbuilding Network in February 2019. Operating under the Habitat for Humanity International Asia-Pacific, the role of Terwilliger Center is to invite organizations from the construction industry, media platforms, innovative engineering or architecture influencers, and the labor training ecosystem to influence the construction practices of laborers and homebuilders to build safer, more durable disaster-resilient housing. TCIS is focused on developing innovative solutions that lead to better housing for the low-income segment.

TCIS signs MOU with Fairbuilding as an official NGO Partner

This partnership paved the way for the Fairbuilding team to join TCIS in conducting a Rapid Market Assessment for house roofing materials in Cebu City, Bogo City, and Boljoon Municipality in Cebu from May 20th to 24th 2019. The purpose of the research study is to come up with solutions to support accessibility and availability to quality and affordable roofing materials for low-income households.

On the 18th of July 2019, Fairbuilding held the engagement forum for TCIS. The objective is to present Fairbuilding’s NGO construction projects in the area of Visayas and Mindanao to Cebu-based construction suppliers and service providers and to discuss the outcome of the Rapid Market Assessment on Roofing Materials in Cebu.

Fairbuilding conducts Engagement Forum for TCIS in Cebu City

On the 11th of November 2019, TCIS facilitated a workshop on housing market systems for the Fairbuilding team with its founder, Dr. Matthias Krups. This workshop is a breakthrough that leads to a new and improved collaboration between the 2 organizations.

This year, TCIS has taken a leap to support the Fairbuilding Network by cost-sharing a total value of 1,400,000.00 PHP to help improve the services and programs of Fairbuilding, the support will focus on 4 segments:

  1. Development of website and portal – the redevelopment of FBN website and database to optimize utility, visibility, and traffic
  2. External and internal assessment – evaluation and assessment of current FBN dynamic and its potential
  3. Development of marketing strategies & materials – includes custom and regular events such as engagement fora, marketing paraphernalia to enhance FBN branding
  4. Strategy development – engage with a consultant to formulate strategies include (but not limited to) expansion of services and increasing revenue streams of FBN

With the opportunities that opened through this amended collaboration, Fairbuilding hopes to accelerate its mission to bring together key players of the construction industry and social developers in the base of the pyramid (BoP) construction market.


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