Last October 27th and November 9th, FairBuilding Network assisted in turning over BCI Central’s desktop donations to four (4) Social Building Partners in the network. At least 52 desktops donated by our company, BCI Central, were in their best condition, ready to be used by the organizations for their programs and services. 

 Social Building Partners that were able to acquire BCI desktops are the following organizations:

In this digital era, we should put all our used tech resources to good use to save our environment and, at the same time, help low-income communities gain access to digital resources. Through these donations, BCI Central takes a significant step in its commitment to the company’s corporate social responsibility, aiming to help and support Filipino communities sustainably. The four (4) NGOs can utilize the desktops for their training and administrative works to further their advocacies. 

With this CSR activity, FairBuilding Network encourages our Industry Partners to make their own difference in the lives of Filipino families and children in a more sustainable and inclusive approach. 


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