About us

The Idea

The FairBuilding Network is an online platform that brings together willing buyers and willing sellers in the base of the pyramid (BoP) construction market. It identifies and highlights projects developed by NGOs, local government units and social housing developers that would otherwise be off the radar of the mainstream building industry.  By aggregating projects that would otherwise be scattered the FairBuilding Network scales up market demand from the underprivileged part of society and the underdeveloped part of the construction market.


The Story

In most emerging and developed market economies, the building sector enjoys relatively favourable and consistent market conditions. That said, lack of transparency makes it systemically hard for market demand and supply to meet and match up, causing not only market inefficacies but also making room for corruption and graft. This is where BCI Media Group comes in.

Founded in 1998, BCI Media Group researches close to 250,000 construction projects per year across Southeast Asia (including Hong Kong), Australia and New Zealand. BCI serves over 10,000 professionals in over 6,000 member firms and maintains a network of over 50,000 industry contacts in the region.

By comprehensively researching and illuminating the demand side of the market – projects in the development pipeline from concept design all the way to construction – BCI creates a degree of market transparency that allows the building industry to compete efficiently and on a level playing field.  Where BCI is active and utilised, developers and designers have more choice when sourcing products and services.  Better quality products are specified and the lowest bidders win.  Unfair trade practices and corruption lose the protective environment of murkiness and secrecy in which they thrive.

We started to ask, what if we were to extend BCI’s role as transparency catalyst in the mainstream market to the market of underprivileged.   The answer came with formation of BCI Foundation, an Australian not-for-profit entity, which became the social action arm of BCI Media Group and operates the FairBuilding Network

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