We are very excited about the huge win for Habitat’s ReStore. FairBuilding Network has enabled two great donations by Omni Lighting and Homeaid Depot, which will help many low income families to move into new homes and furnish their apartments.


Yatai International Corporation, exclusive manufacturer of OMNI Electrical & Lighting products donated a staggering number of 17,059 pieces of lighting products to Habitat for Humanity ReStore end of August 2017. The donated items amounted to 1.5 million pesos.

On the other hand, Homeaid Depot, major distributor of hardware and locksets in the country, donated an overwhelming 2.6-million-peso worth of assorted hardware to Restore last April of the same year.

These major donations were a result of the 2016 Fairbuilding Inaugural Awards where Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore representative Ms. Jen Rodil met Mr. Michael Co of Yatai Corporation and Mr. Marcial Laggui of Homeaid Depot. This encounter paved way to frequent communication which eventually lead to the successful transactions.

ReStore is Habitat for Humanity’s non-profit home improvement donation center offering new and slightly used furniture, home accessories, building materials and appliances to the public at lower than market value. All proceeds go to Habitat for Humanity and are used to build homes, communities and hope.