Since its foundation in October 1778, Hospicio de San Jose took care of the urgent needs of the indigent, mentally and physically handicapped. In responding to the needs of the poor the organisation offers  education in form of a formal instruction program. Hospicio is located in a deprived area and hence was able to set up the outreach program at their doorstep favoring the slum areas of Quiapo and San Miguel. Particularly the organisation shares its facilities, material resources and most especially its education program with members of the local community.


Hospicio de San Jose is currently transforming an abandoned building into a livelihood training center for the poor. Located in the town of Sta. Maria, Bulacan, the donated two-story building will be converted into a Bread and Pastry Production Facility where beneficiaries will be taught how to bake, so as to serve as their main livelihood and source of income. Another building beside the Bread and Pastry Production Facility will be rehabilitated into a home for the homeless, which will serve as a relocation shelter for homeless families coming from Manila. Additionally, a vegetable garden will be built at the center of the area where the families can start to grow their own ingredients for baking and other food source.

As the project is still at its construction phase, the FairBuilding Network (FBN) is proud to link Hospicio de San Jose and various construction companies into a beneficial partnership. These partnerships show that there is a market for construction suppliers in NGO construction projects and that construction companies can fulfill their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and help these and NGOs with their projects while still being able to sell their main products and materials. This livelihood training center was able to get:


In most cases, families who are relocated from the cities to the provinces just come back to the city after some time due to a lack of income sources and job opportunities at the relocation sites. The goal of this project, Livelihood Training Center, is to help the relocated families from Manila to find a sustainable livelihood and source of income in their relocation site in St. Maria, Bulacan. This way, families will stay in their relocation site and will be able to live in a decent home and at the same time develop a sustainable source of income.