FBN Team to Volunteer in Indonesia

Fairbuilding consultants, Hershey Gabi, and Almira Abejo will head to Yogyakarta, Indonesia in January 2019 to be part of the BCI Build Initiative in partnership with Habitat for Humanity Australia. Through Habitat’s Global Village Program, an international volunteering program, 12 BCI Media Group employees from southeast Asia and Australia were chosen to be part of the initiative.

The two FBN consultants are given the opportunity to volunteer and help build homes for families in need in the community of  Selopamioro. The situation in the community of Selopamioro in Yogyakarta is dire. Many families find seasonal work in agriculture and struggle to earn a steady income. Most earn roughly $5AUD a day when they find work. After essentials such as food, water, and schooling, there isn’t enough to repair their homes let alone build a safe, new place to live. For families living in poverty, a safe and decent home creates a rock-solid future.

The aim of this volunteer project, which will run over the next 5 years, is to increase the quality of life for over 3,000 community members through a variety of means, including constructing and repairing homes, building a new water management system, bringing safe and clean water to the community as well as providing skills and knowledge training in water management and health and hygiene.

As well as building homes, Habitat works in partnership with families to supply clean water and sanitation, livelihood training, health education to build long-term sustainable communities.