Support for Isla Gigantes’ Schools and Communities needed


The municipality of Carles is one of the 42 Municipalities of the province of Iloilo and accounts to one of the poorest regions in the country (poverty incidences of 71.82%).

The majority of the residents in the 4 Barangay in Gigantes rely on fishing. Isla de Gigantes is a group of islands 25 kilometers off the cost of Estancia and Carles in Northern Iloilo. Rarely visited due to inaccessibility and the roughness of waves. As these are relatively small islands, there is little opportunity for other livelihoods even in agricultural farming and the areas are often neglected in terms of provision and access to basic services such as shelter, health and education.

According to the latest sanitary inspection (October 2014) after Typhoon Haiyan, conducted by Iloilo Provincial Health Office to its 42 local government units, 18% or 69,173 out of 381,650 households  inspected in Iloilo have no access to sanitary toilets. In the list of households without sanitary toilets, the municipality of Carles ranked second. Data showed that 50% of 12,981 households inspected in Carles are using open pit latrines or open field in the absence of sanitary toilets. In addition, many of the communities in Carles have limited clean water sources, resulting in poor sanitation and creating habits of poor hygiene that is passed on to family members and children.

Project Summary

Save the Children has identified 25 of the most vulnerable barangays in Carles based on the number of damaged houses and potential risks, e.g., facing the open sea, including the four proposed target island barangays. While Save the Children is currently implementing DRR interventions in the proposed barangays, there are still huge gaps on WASH and DRR, especially for households that received shelter support but have poor WASH facilities. In the previous shelter intervention areas in Carles, covering 24 barangays, 2,222 households remain without latrines and under the previous FFO-covered barangays, 1,127 households are in dire need of latrine provisions.

The project measures include:

1. Construction and rehabilitation of dug well water source with provision of hand pump (community)
2. Installation of 600-Liter Rain catchment tank (school)
3. Installation of Pipe networks (gravity flow) in school and in community
4. Construction of Communal toilet with PWD room and hand washing area (school)
5. Installation of overhead tank with motor pump and construction of protected dug well with hand pump(school).
6. Household toilet construction (labor is counterpart of beneficiaries) for ZOD project.


Impact of the Project

The project aims to strengthen the resilience of the local community by providing new sanitation and hygiene facilities. The provision of both public and household facilities will increase access to safe water and improved sanitation for school children and families with children between 0-5 years.

Project Requirements

Materials needs of the project:

  1. Water Closet with cistern tank-quantity not yet finalized
  2. Ordinary water closet without cistern tank-around 1371 units
  3. HDPE pipes ¾”, ½” and 1” size- quantity/lengths not yet known
  4. 30 cm x 30 cm ceramic floor and wall tiles (white color)
  5. PE septic vault specs- around 1371 sets needed
  • Capacity:                      5-8 persons
  • Height:                          1.20 m
  • Diameter:                      1.10 m
  • Volume:                        0.98 cu.m.
  • Weight:                         65 kg
  • Material:                        Recycled PE
  • Inlet and Outlet  :           4” diameter

Location: Philippines