SUCCESS: Great Discount on Plumbing Supplies for Base-Bahay’s 21 Duplex Houses


Ambassador International, Inc’s support for Base-Bahay, Inc. by giving a 20% discount to the plumbing supplies purchased by Base-Bahay which will be used in the construction of 21 duplex houses in Bagong Silangan is a great example of how FairBuilding Network has helped NGOs in maximizing their budget and industry partners in expanding their market.

The transaction between Base-Bahay and Ambassador initiated when FairBuilding Network informed Ambassador and other construction suppliers about the construction of twenty-one (21) duplex bamboo houses in Bangong Silangan, Quezon City. These houses will be turned over in April 2016 to the homeless families in Payatas. The waste dump in Payatas is Manila’s main waste dump with garbage piled as high as seven stories in some places. Impoverished informal settlers, including many children, live in the area and pick through the dump to collect items they can sell. The families living in the area are prone to many life, health and security risks.

Project Summary

Base Bahay has developed the Bamboo Housing Project, a series of ongoing and upcoming construction projects with affordable and sustainable housing solutions to accommodate the urban poor. The construction of these duplex houses is an opportunity for Ambassador International to be involved in a project-for-a-cause. By acquiring 20% discount on plumbing supplies from Ambassador, Base-Bahay is able to maximize their budget and allocate the discounted value in purchasing other materials needed in completing the project.


Impact of the Project

Forty-two (42) families will be relocated from Payatas to the Bamboo Village in Bagong Silangan, Quezon City. Not only will they  be able to live in nice new homes, the success of this project also lies primarily in the fact that it will free these families from risks they are forced to deal with as they live in Payatas. They will be less prone to health risks brought about by the dump of garbage right across their current homes. Also, relocating these families enables them to live lives safe from the effects of criminal acts, and calamities among others.

Apart from the social and health benefits for the families and communities in Bagong Silangan, the project also contributes to local economic developement while including local suppliers. Ambassador International Inc. who has become a Gold Partner with FairBuilding Network provides reference of the positive implications from the suppliers point of view:

“It is an honor to have a transaction with an NGO like Base Bahay because they gave us a chance to supply the requirements they need for [the] construction of their various projects. This way, we are able to indirectly help some our less fortunate communities. We   are   very   thankful   that   FairBuilding   Network invited our company, Ambassador International Inc. as one of its partners. Through FairBuilding, we were recognized as one of the suppliers of Base Bahay. Moreover, FBN helped us increase the volume of our sales and clients & assisted us in our aim of expanding our company.  Thank you for this opportunity. “ – Ambassador International Inc.

Location: Bagong Silangan, Quezon City, Philippines