Success Story: Building a Fair Future for Children with Special Needs


Stepping Stone takes care of children with mild to moderate intellectual disabilities by providing quality special education and various intervention techniques for a holistic approach to make our special needs community productive citizens.

Stepping Stone provides SPED classes for all age levels and Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Physical Therapy and Alternative Techniques such as Music, Visual Arts, Dance and Drama Classes. Assessing a child with special needs and creating a program for them is also provided by a multi-disciplinary team of specialists in their fields.

Stepping Stone has already built classrooms, therapy rooms, and rooms with facilities for their SPED courses and Vocational Center such as Housekeeping, Coffee-making, Baking, Laundry and Performing Arts.

Project Summary

The FairBuilding Network (FBN) is proud to be part of the construction of the Rehabilitation Center facility inside the Stepping Stone Foundation. FBN was able to build a cooperative partnership between Stepping Stone’s Executive Director Mr. Dayal Nandwani and the owner of Lexiar Handyman Builders Corporation, Mr. Alex Sabanal who served as the contractor for the Rehabilitation Center Project. Through the partnerships in the FairBuilding Network, Stepping Stone was able to get 25% discount on tiles and another 25 % discount on adhesives from Floor Center for the Barista Café facility of Steeping Stone. Furthermore, FBN is continuously looking for partner construction suppliers who can give discounts for the material requirements of the project.



Impact of the Project

The Rehabilitation Center is set for inauguration and start of operation in June of the present year. Primarily, the facility hopes to improve the physical and mental condition of children with cerebral palsy. Also, the Rehabilitation Center shall be a big help to those families who are not able to send their children to a therapy center or special education, thus, giving hope to families and patients that there can be a better future for children with special needs.

Location: Philippines