Project Progress: 25 Duplex Houses in Bagong Silangan


Base Bahay has already built 265 houses out of the Bamboo-Cement Frame Technology all over the Philippines. Inspired by the ‘Bahareke houses’ in Latin America, Base Bahay’s research director has developed this idea to an affordable, eco-efficient and disaster-resilient housing concept in urban contexts of Asia and the Pacific since 2014. In 2015, three model houses were created in Ginubatan, Albay where  weather monitoring devices were implanted to test its resiliency. Faced in the Pacific oceans, the model houses were able to survive the average 15-20 typhoons in the Philippines, having only minor damages in the roofing.

One of Base Bahay’s project is located in a donated land from their partner organization, the Vincentian Missionaries Social Development Foundation, Inc. The construction of 25 duplex bamboo houses in Bangong Silangan, Quezon City has finally dawned on its last phases as the FairBulding Network visited the Bamboo Village this April of the present year. Made from the local material ‘kawayan’ and other conventional materials, these duplex houses are built to be more resilient to earthquakes and can even stand to 250 km/ph wind speed. Now painted in lively colors, the duplex houses are just minor fixtures, septic tank, drainage, and electricity connection away to being a real home to the families to be relocated.

Project Summary

Base Bahay’s construction of the Bamboo Village in Bagong Silangan, Quezon City started in 2015 while the partnership between Base Bahay, Hilti Foundation and the FairBuilding Network (FBN) also began in the same year. Since then, FBN provided numerous opportunities to Base Bahay and various construction suppliers for a win-win situation where the construction companies were able to sell their products to Base Bahay with discounts or even as a donation, thus, helping them in building safer homes for the families living in Payatas.

This construction project paved way for successful transactions such as:

  • Ambassador International offered 20% discount on 3 different transactions for plumbing supplies
  • Matimco offered 20% discount for the purchase of over 70 high quality wooden doors
  • Jacinto Colorsteel gave 20% discount on roofing materials
  • Yatai International gave 25 % discount on 2 different transactions for electrical supplies
  • Yatai International provided 250 CFL donation
  • Boysen donated 98 gallons of epoxy primer

Impact of the Project

With its target turnover on May 18th of this year, the Bamboo Village is set to give a brand-new start to the lives of 50 families to be relocated away from the danger prone environment of the Payatas to the complete decent houses out of Bamboo-Cement Frame Technology. These families are expected to improve their lives and wellbeing by living in decent and disaster resilient homes. Proximate to sufficient livelihood opportunities in the city, the families are expected to improve their financial income. Relocated families are given at least 15 to 20 years to stay in the Bagong Silangan Bamboo community for free except for their own utilities and site maintenance. The families are expected to save money to buy their own land and house and vacate the bamboo houses for another batch of families to be relocated in the community.

Location: Philippines