SUCCESS: New Tiles for Virlanie Homes for Children


Tiles Depot’s (Floor Center) support for Virlanie Homes is another great example how well FairBuilding Network facilitates the relationship between construction companies and not-for-profit organisations to help those in need.

The success story started with FairBuildings contact to Virlanie Foundation Inc. and our knowledge about Virlanie’s 10 different homes which are in great need for refurbishment, modernization and additions. For example Virlanie’s Aime Home plays a very important role in Manila City by taking care of children with disabilities. Most of the children in Aime Home come from public institutions and government-run shelter for street children (e.g. Reception and Action Center). Some children are also brought here by their own families which can not deal with the social stigma or afford the expensive medical treatment. Virlanie ensures that the children receive special health care and assistance. Aime Home currently fosters more than 26 vulnerable children which grow up in an environment that supports their development and learning. Children’s activities are for example paper tearing (calming for the psyche), gardening (to improve mood and behavior), cooking (vocational training/entrepreneurship), embroidery (to improve fine motor skills).

Project Summary

The refurbishment of Aime Home was a great opportunity for Tile Depot to step in and make a difference for those children. The company, led by Pedram Varshowkar, is one of the fastest growing tile providing companies in the country and finds FairBuilding’s mission as an endeavor close to their hearts.

Hence the company donated more than 200 tiles to Virlanie to refurbish their buildings, which were delivered and fixed in Aime Home in November 2015. 

The marketing manager of Tile Depot was very taken at his visit: “Getting to see the children from the MASAYA and AIME homes was a very humbling and gratifying experience. The FairBuiding Network is very noble in its cause, and we are absolutely thrilled and grateful to have been able to become a part of it. Looking forward to more partnerships and endeavours together.Atafeh Zanjani, VP of Marketing Floor Center/ Tile Depot Philippines




Location: Philippines