Progress in Babies & Toddlers Home Refurbishment


Virlanie is a not for profit organisation in the Philippines which has dedicated all its efforts to look after underprivileged children. Virlanie has a number of homes in which children of different ages are accommodated. As soon as a child is entered in one of the Virlanie Homes, he/she will be provided with various services and programs to empower them and support them on their future path. This continues until the child eventually moves out of Virlanie through family reunification, adoption, foster care, or independent living. Each stage of the empowerment process is based on three poles: social work, education, and psychology. These work hand in hand to strategically guide the development of each child.

Virlanie’s Home for Babies and Toddles takes care of children between 2 and 4 years. The building was in need of extensive repair works and so the organisation has reach out for help!

Project Summary

Over the course of the last two month the building has been completely emptied and now the refitting and furnishing process has begun.

The project includes provision of doors, mosquito screens, shoe racks, cabinets, fir exit doors, counter tops and lavatory, partition walls, installation of shelves, replacement of electrical outlets, and repainting among others.

For the time of the refurbishment the children live in another building of Virlanie.

Impact of the Project

Our very own Hershey Gabi, FairBuilding Network Officer, has visited the Babies and Toddlers Home of Virlanie Foundation last week. She has inspected the current work and efforts of the refurbishment of this homestead for small children and has found that great progress was made. “It’s great to see that the work has progressed so far and the children will soon be able to enjoy a newly renovated home”.

FairBuilding was able to secure the support of three of our Industry Gold Partners, who helped with significant discounts and donations for material, labor and the purchase of new furniture and fittings.

  • Lexiar Handyman ensured the smooth and timely construction and refurbishment work;
  • Boysen Paint ensured that the walls will be bright and colorful again;
  • and of course Phinma who’s donation helps to purchase much needed interior fittings e.g.

Thanks to them the toddlers will enjoy their new home very soon.

Location: Philippines