Call for Action: Pre-disaster retrofitting in Pembo


Build Change designs disaster-resistant houses and schools in emerging nations and trains builders, homeowners, engineers, and government officials to build them.

Build Change leaves in place permanent change in construction practice by building local skills and stimulating local demand.

After a major earthquake in a developing country, agencies typically build masses of houses that are not always culturally appropriate and sustainable in the local construction sector. Often, the homeowner is only minimally involved in the decision-making and construction process. The opportunity to build local capacity is often missed, and in many cases, the houses built after the funding and technical assistance cease are not earthquake-resistant. To overcome these challenges, Build Change applies the following principles and strategies.

Project Requirements

This retrofit program has two phases. The first phase is the development and testing of technical resources for the retrofit of 10 houses. On the second phase, the pilot retrofit of 50 houses will be started. In line with this, the FairBuilding Network is mobilizing all its capacities to support the retrofitting project of Build Change. Therefore, we are inviting construction suppliers and manufactures who can provide the following construction materials:

  • Portland Cement
  • Black Sand
  • Gravel
  • Concrete Hollow Block
  • ReInforcing Bars
  • Blinding wire
  • Lawaan Lumber
  • Structural Plywood
  • Wood Preservative
  • Nails
  • Roofing Nails
  • CGI undulated
  • Metal Sheet
  • Coconut lumber
  • Plywood sheet
  • Floor tiles
  • Paint

Location: Philippines