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Photos by Sebastien Cuvelier

Virlanie Foundation, established by French social worker Dominique Lemay, envisions a community with empowered kids for a brighter future. With its 23 years of existence, Virlanie is among non-government organizations that respond to the needs of the children living in the Foundation, in the streets, and those living in the Virlanie-supported communities.

Guided by the mission to take care and look after the children in need of special protection, Virlanie is continually providing Residential programs, Outreach programs, Support programs, Sustainability projects, and Support services for the betterment of children from 0-12 years old. As soon as a child is entered in one of the Virlanie Homes, he/she will be provided with various services and programs until the child eventually moves out of Virlanie through family reunification, adoption, foster care, or independent living.

Aside from accepting individuals, companies, and institutions that are willing to share their time and blessings with the kids, the Foundation also reaches out to children and families through meaningful programs. A Mobile Unit regularly visits Divisoria, one of the poorest and underdeveloped areas in Manila, to conduct Non-formal education, Education Assistance, Medical Services, and Psychological and social assistance.

To offer a shelter for the families living in the streets, an Open Day Center (ODC) is handled by the foundation to provide a safe place where children and families can stay during the day. ODC is also an avenue where mothers can be involved in livelihood projects to assure them minimum income for their family, through the Virlanie Social Project (VSP). There are also other programs which are focused on taking care of children rescued from the streets of Manila, and bringing back families to their province.

Ultimately, Virlanie aims to give smile and laughter that every community, every family, and every child deserves.

The Memorandum of Understanding between FairBuilding Network and Virlanie Foundation was signed in February 2015.

Virlanie Foundation Contact Person: Mr Marlon dela Cruz
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