Interface Singapore Pte. Ltd.

At Interface we are committed to being a restorative enterprise that operates through socially inclusive business models. As industry leaders we strive to develop and strengthen similar practices within the industry, and as such we commend the Fairbuilding Network for their endeavours and are proud to join them in partnership. Rob Coombs, Interface President and CEO Asia Pacific


Interface is a recognised pioneer in sustainability and worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of carpet tiles. In 1994 we established Mission Zero®, our promise to eliminate any negative impact we may have on the environment by the year 2020, and today we proudly showcase drastic results such as having factories that run on 100% renewable energy, offering 100% recycled yarn and a total recycled content of up to 86% in our products, and with CoolCarpet™ our customers can offset the entire GHG emissions associated with their purchase.With only a few years to go for Mission Zero, Interface now aims to positively affect the world through social sustainability and restorative actions.

By going further than just having closed-loop manufacturing we actively endeavour to establish a business model that positively enriches our ecosystem’s biodiversity and encourages greater equality between communities on earth.An example of this is Net-Works™, an inclusive business model in which remote coastal communities collect and sell discarded fishing nets which are fed into a recycling process to fuel the production of recycled yarn for our carpet tiles.

This commercially successful business model is made possible through collaboration with the Zoological Society of London and our yarn supplier Aquafil. In addition to benefiting the local communities, the marine environment is also boosted as destructive ghost-fishing is halted or prevented altogether.Another crucial aspect of leading the industry in innovation and sustainable practices includes strategic partnerships with organizations like the FairBuilding Network, Buckminster Fuller Institute, Ray C. Anderson Foundation, Global Initiatives, and more. At Interface we are committed to finding improved ways that make tomorrow better for everyone.