Lexiar Handyman Builders Co.

In February 2016 Lexiar Handyman Builders Co. has become a Gold Partner at FairBuilding Network for its great contribution for Babies and Toddlers Home of Virlanie Foundation. We are grateful for their support of the Virlanie Foundation Inc. and children in need.

Lexiar Handyman Builders Co. is a recently established company, which offers numerous services to its clients. The company can already look at the great track record of completed projects in just little more than a year of existence. It works ranges from renovations, to re-paintings and fit-out works. Most projects were awarded to the company through referrals from our previous clients and repeat clients.


Quality is at the hard of what they are doing while also offering great price and ensuring the safety and high level of client’s satisfaction.

The driver behind LEXIAR Handyman Builders Co is a team of two friends Mr Alex Sabanal and Mr Ray Ballesteros Capoquian. The strong friendship that binds them for more than a decade brought them to a partnership that enables them to enhance and share their gift and passion in design and construction.