Gold Partner Matimco

A company trailblazing the Philippine wood construction industry not only with setting of quality wood product standards through achievement of world-class certifications but also as the first to introduce branded value-added wood products with its flagship, Matwood, MATIMCO continues to embrace the tradition of excellent world-class wood innovation with a roster of well-placed wood brands catering to various needs and requirements – interiors or outdoor – of leading designers and home-builders in the Philippine market.

Matimco’s constant endeavor to celebrate wood yields a wood brand portfolio that covers numerous aspects of timber construction from architectural MATWOOD, PCW, MUZU, WEATHERWOOD, NUWOOD to structural TRUSSWOOD, to best value lumber and panels, ECOFOR.

At the very core, Matimco’s passion lies in the most sustainable building product ever produced by Mother Nature: wood. In everything the company does, the love for wood drives its very action. Here are five reasons why: wood helps alleviate the Greenhouse Effect, wood is an environment friendly material, wood is reusable, wood can be used as energy, wood is beautiful.

Matimco has been involved in various FairBuilding projects particularly those of Base-Bahay Foundation’s social housing projects in Quezon City, Tacloban, Samar, and Bacolod. Read more about it here.