Almost two decades ago, a group of Filipino engineers and roofing business practitioners saw an opportunity to fulfill the urgent need for shelter in the country and banded together to form a team. With a combined potent synergy   of intellect and passion, they created COLORSTEEL to provide quality and affordable roofing systems.

COLORSTEEL began as a trading company of prepainted long span steel roofing and roof engineering services on December 16, 1994. From its simple roots, COLORSTEEL soon progressed and rose to become a major player in the roofing industry fueled by its youthful determination, resourcefulness and a relentless passion to succeed.

Over the years, COLORSTEEL steadily acquired the technology and resources to evolve from a basic trading company to a complex manufacturing powerhouse of roofing and framing systems.

To bring the products closer to every Filipino consumer nationwide, COLORSTEEL expanded its operations. From being a trading company, it now has 27 sales branches, 5 rollforming plants and more than 400 employees all across the country.