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Why list your project?

As a developer for the poor you can list your projects on the FairBuilding network for free – whether you represent an international or local non-governmental organisations (NGO), a local government body, a neighborhood association or an inclusive development firm.  As a qualifying social developer you have free access to the FairBuilding Network as your marketing platform to help you source discounted, affordable or donated construction materials and services for your projects.

What are your benefits?

  • Your project will be promoted to the entire construction sector on our marketing online platform without additional costs
  •  You get free access to the construction industry e.g. leading manufacturers, suppliers and other service providers in the Philippines market
  • You get a comprehensive overview of potential construction partners, who could support you developing your project in a more efficient and effective way
  •  You will be able to source construction materials and services for your projects at affordable, discounted or concessionary prices, as well as through donations in kind

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