HURRAY – we are very proud to announce our first success stories!

In the last couple of weeks we made a great progress. Finally we are very proud to announce that FairBuilding Network has enable five contributions from construction companies to local NGOs.

Success Story: Virlanie Foundation Inc.

Virlanie Foundation, a not-for profit organization that was founded in 1992 with the aim to support street children in the Philippines. It has been set up to take care of children in need of special protection – those who are abandoned, abused, exploited, neglected, orphaned, and among the poorest of the poor. In Masaya Home and Aime Home the organization provides shelter for homeless kids as well as children with special needs.


In October 2015 FairBuilding facilitated the partnership between Virlanie and two construction partners that provided construction materials for refurbishment:


The generous support of the FairBuilding partners helps to renovate Virlanie Homes. The direct beneficiaries are children and young adults that once were abandoned, surrendered or physically abused. Those children didn’t have access to medical care, education and rehabilitative care. Virlanie offers in each building up to 25 children a new home. In Aime Home children with disabilities such as Down Syndrome, Autism and Mental Retardation are taken care of and provided with food, shelter and clothing. They also receive special therapies and medical care.


A year ago, we joined this group [FairBuilding Network] and for us, it’s very important to have connections in Virlanie Foundation, we don’t have the connections that you have in your group. Through this connection, we are able to talk to different companies… to find the needs that we have for example painting, for example wood, and it’s very important to make these connections for us.”  Dominique Lemay, President, Virlanie Foundation

“Getting to see the children from the MASAYA and AIME homes was a very humbling and gratifying experience. The FairBuiding Network is very noble in its cause, and we are absolutely thrilled and grateful to have been able to become a part of it. Looking forward to more partnerships and endeavors together.Atafeh Zanjani, VP of Marketing, Floor Center/ Tile Depot Philippines