FairBuilding Network Forums – building up relationships

In order to increase collaboration and build up relationships between industry partners and NGOs, the FairBuilding Network (FBN) has started with a series of Engagement Forums.

The kick off meeting was held in June 2015 with a separate Forum for industry representatives and NGOs. Our aim was to get a better understanding and their perspectives on the current housing market, its challenges and specific engagement options to support those in need.

We learnt that the sellers-market in the Philippines makes it very difficult for NGO projects to be attractive only in economic terms. Additional incentives have to be clearly spelled out and promoted for making NGO projects attractive and visible. Consequently it has been noted that the attending industry partners are mainly concerned with their bottom-line and an engagement with NGO projects should clearly contribute to their economic development.

The greatest impact was made by the representatives of the companies by especially emphasizing that building up close relationships with specific NGOs/ and projects was important to them. In several discussions they iterated the current lack of trust and low perceived reliability. In the same vein, commitment and accountability were highlighted by the NGOs as an important feature of the collaboration with industry partners.

Further barriers are logistical issues that mainly apply to the fact that the majority of projects can be found in the disaster struck regions of Leyte and Bohol whereas the main industry contacts of FBN are located in Metro Manila. The option of shipping material was found to be too expensive, consequently making FBN projects less attractive to current industry partners.

A summary of the conversations can be found here.













Our most recent FairBuilding Forum was held in early October, where we invited Habitat for Humanity to present their latest project plans to a number of industry representatives from Emerald Vinyl Corporation, Associated Wire Corporation of the Philippines, GraceLine Products, Inc., JBW FloorCenter Inc., Crown Asia Chemicals Corporation, Crown Asia Chemicals Corporation, Hospitality Technology Trends, Realiving Design Center and Realiving Design Center.

In the meeting our team facilitated the relationship building and help to generate interest and commitment for advancing Habitats’ Bohol projects. FairBuilding Network also renewed and confirmed its engagement by presenting a Letter of Commitment that spells out the benefits for our industry partners in case of a successful transaction.

We are very excited about two industry partners committed to support Habitat’s project and we are looking forward to supporting their the next steps.

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