Church of the Nazarene Builds Warehouse and Training Center

On September 13th, an Engagement Forum was held for the Church of the Nazarene Philippines. The forum highlighted their ongoing and upcoming construction projects specifically:

  1. NCM Philippines, Inc. Warehouse and Training Center – the purpose of this building is to serve for the pre-positioning of relief goods for immediate disaster response in affected areas.
  2. Child Development Centers in various locations – the purpose is to provide an additional learning environment for children in the community. Facilities include classrooms for educational purposes, library, bathrooms, and clinic.

The Forum was attended by several accredited Industry Partners of FBN namely:

  • Exelcon Industries
  • Techno-Trade Resources, Inc.
  • Campbridge Paints
  • Hornitext Philippines, Inc.
  • Robinsons Builders
  • 8MM Marketin, Inc.
  • Absolute Industrial
  • Panasonic
  • Casparsteel Roofing, Inc.

All attendees are willing to give at least a 20% discount on the market retail prices of their products/services in order to help the Church of the Nazarene realize their construction Projects.