A Visit to SOS Children’s Village

On November 16, Fairbuilding visited the SOS Children’s Village in Alabang. The organization has been a partner of  FBN since 2017 but haven’t had construction projects back then.

Today, SOS Children’s Villages will be renovating their Lipa, Batangas shelters and they will also be building a perimeter fencing in the area. This is where Fairbuilding comes on handy for NGOs like SOS. Fairbuilding will facilitate an Engagement Forum for the organization scheduled on December 10 of this year. The forum aims to invite suppliers willing to give discounts up to donations of the construction materials required in the project. During Engagement Forums, the NGOs are required to present their projects in front of the suppliers while the suppliers will pass their quotations of the material requirements they can supply to the NGO.

SOS Children’s Villages is a private, non-political, non-denominational organization that provides long-term family-based care to children in need. With the support of friends and partners, they work to ensure that each child will grow up in a loving home.

To find out more about SOS Children’s Village Philippines you can visit their website here.