Free Paint Materials for Virlanie Foundation


This month of May, Virlanie Foundation purchased painting materials to one of our Industry Partners, Boysen Paints. The purchased paint products amounted to 31, 750 php, however, Boysen gave 3 pails of Boysen Semi-Gloss Latex White for free. Now, Virlanie was able to get 6,500 php worth of paints for free which will be used for the repainting of their office and homes in Makati City.

Virlanie Foundation has been a FairBuilding Partner since February 2015. Virlanie is among non-government organizations that respond to the needs of the children living in the Foundation, in the streets, and those living in the Virlanie-supported communities.

Boysen Paints, on the other hand, has been an avid supporter of FairBuilding Network since its launch in 2014. Aside from supporting FairBuilding, Boysen has several CSR programs in education, including a scholarship program that has supported over a hundred architectural students since 2005, funding for the construction of school buildings and classrooms for thousands of students, and a fresh coat of paint for many schools as well as numerous socialized housing projects.