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How to become a Construction Industry Partner of the FairBuilding Network!

Getting involved and doing business over the FairBuilding Network is easy, and it’s free.  All it takes to participate is to register as a ‘FairBuilding Construction Industry Partner’, providing contact details and information on the products and services you offer as a business.  FairBuilding Partners are promoted in a variety of ways, not least through their inclusion in the listing of Partners on the FairBuilding Network website.  Being a Fairbuilding Partner is a badge of honor; it shows that the company or the building professional has a genuine concern for the poor and a willingness to ‘do well by doing good’.  As a Fairbuilding Partner you agree to stretch your normal commercial possibilities to support projects that contribute a social benefit.  Once you start transacting, i.e. supplying to projects over the FairBuilding Network, your company becomes a ‘FairBuilding Gold Partner’ and as such is rewarded with a dedicated landing page on the FairBuilding Network site where it can showcase its corporate social responsibility (CSR) credentials.

What are your Benefits?

  • Free access to the FairBuilding construction project database
  • Promotion of your company in a variety of ways – our website, our newsletters and FairBuilding events
  • Raise your profile and showcase your corporate social responsibility credentials
  • Get your own subpage on FairBuilding website by becoming a ‘FairBuilding Gold Partner’,  once you actively engage in a project
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