Child and Family Service, Philippines Inc.


Child and Family Service Philippines Inc. (CFSPI) is a non-stock, not-for-profit, non-secretariat Filipino non-government organisation based in Baguio.

It was co-founded in 1987 by Patti J. Lyons, then-President and CEO of Child and Family Service Hawaii, and Daniel Z. Urquico, a community leader and Bagulo entrepreneur involved in real estate development. Currently CFSPI operates in Baguio City, Benguet and La Union, as well as Bantayan, Northern Cebu as an implementer of Consuelo Foundation’s Project HOPE (Typhoon Yolanda Rebuilding and Recovery).

CFSPI’s envisions healthy children and women, who are able to achieve their full potential, nurtured by caring families and living in safe, enabling and resilient communities. The organsiation aims to enable children and women and families in especially difficult circumstances achieve normal levels of development, uphold their rights, access social and economic opportunities and build their resilience to protect themselves and their communities and to overcome adverse situations. Its primary beneficiaries are abused and exploited children and youth; youth in conflict with the law (YICL); and teenage single mothers are at risk of abuse and whose children are also at risk of neglect.

One of their programs is the Healthy Start Program, which focuses on nurturing families. Different aspects of the program include early childhood education, health monitoring, parent education and supporting partner-parents.

The program services include e.g.:
  • Working with local government units
  • Developmental monitoring of babies and children
  • Feeding and medical assistance, including regular medical check-ups and pediactric evaluations
  • Referral to suitable partner agencies for high risk families as needed
  • Family therapy and counseling services
  • Livelihood training

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FairBuilding Network and CFSPI

In February 2016 FairBuilding and CFSPI have officially signed the collaboration agreement. FairBuilding will mobilize all its capacities to support CFSPI’s goals.