Build Change

Build Change has joined FairBuilding in January 2017.

The not for profit organisation’s mission is to save lives in earthquakes and typhoons. Building Change wants to greatly reduce deaths, injuries, and economic losses caused by housing and school collapses due to earthquakes and typhoons in emerging nations.

Their vision is it that all houses and schools built with inputs from Build Change in seismically active emerging nations are resistant to earthquakes and other natural disasters, and (2) building codes are enforced or construction practices are permanently changed so that houses and schools built in the absence of external funding and technical support are also earthquake-resistant.

Theory of Change

Earthquake-resistant construction will become common only if the right technology is locally available, widely known, and culturally accepted. Plus, the cost must be competitive with existing and commonly used (but vulnerable) building methods.

Their theory of change involves overcoming three barriers to adoption common to so many development challenges: money, technology, people.

Technology: the right building technology must be locally available, widely known, and cost-competitive. They emphasize small, low-cost changes to existing, culturally preferred technologies and train local professionals how to build safely with them.

Money: If people do not have enough money to build a safe house, they won’t. Build Change facilitates access to subsidies with strings attached and incentive-based housing microfinance.

People: Someone has to want the house to be safe. Build Change stimulates demand for safe housing by making it easy for homeowners, governments, and NGOs to understand and implement basics of safe building.