Base Bahay Inc.


Base Bahay is a not for profit organisation that was established in July 2014 being concerned with creating value across the three pillars of sustainability – People, Planet and Profit. Base achieves this by using locally grown and renewable materials to develop housing envelops and designs suited to the needs of local communities and by doing so, creating equitable eco-systems along the value chain towards sustainable, inclusive business models – and hence create livelihood.

Base Bahay is a spin-off from Hilti Foundation and UN ESCAP efforts to tackle the issues of urban housing to help it become more inclusive, sustainable and scalable. In 2012 those two organisations have joined forces to research and implement successful approaches for the introduction of affordable, eco-efficient and disaster-resilient building materials and housing concepts in urban contexts of Asia and the Pacific. Beyond providing environmental friendly and affordable housing to all income groups, especially the urban and peri-urban poor, the aim is to create sustainable livelihood opportunities for the poor, and to potentially introduce new income sources for organizations and individuals engaged in community-driven development.


Although a very young organisation Base Bahay already has a remarkable success story. After two years of product development, testing and market research on April 15, 2015, BASE, in partnership with the Vincentian Missionaries Social Development Foundation (VMSDFI), celebrated the inauguration of the first single story bamboo housing duplex built in Quezon City, Bagong Silangan. The realisation of the two units was just the first step of a larger development initiative which shall provide decent, resilient housing to families from flood prone areas, near creeks or riverbanks of Bagong Silangan and Payatas. The project is planned for 2015.

Base Bahay is an outstanding organisation based on values of social and ecological responsibility. Their main objective is to improve the living standards of the communities in need. Their endeavor is to build more than just houses, they have set out to build communities. In doing so they educate community members and build local capacities and ultimately provide an opportunity to TRANSFORM know-how and effort into financial benefit for the individuals and the society at large.

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FairBuilding and Base Bahay Inc. and Hilti Foundation

In June 2015 Robert Krups, Director of BCI Foundation and FairBuilding and Maricen Jalandoni, General Manager of Base Bahay Inc and Ms Regula Schegg of Hilti Foundation officially signed the collaboration agreement.

basebahay_Mou_signed2 MoU_signing_Hilti_FBN